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You can also enroll and pay for all of our courses online. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 325-677-0850 or Email Us.
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About our Driving school classes

The purpose behind our driver training course is not merely to prepare our students to pass the Drivers' License Test, but to develop an understanding of the tremendous responsibility of operating a motor vehicle.  As such, we are proud to offer the following driving courses. 

Class Offerings Include:

Teen Courses   <New Classes Start Each Month!>

Traditional Classroom Course - $420 (starting monthly)
  • Full Driver's Ed Course (16 In Classroom Lessons, 7hrs driving observation and 7hrs behind-the-wheel instruction)  
  • Classroom Only (No DE-964 Certificate for Permit Issued, 16 Lessons @ 2hrs each lesson)..........$320
  • In-Car Only (No DE-964 Certificate for Permit Issued, 7 Lessons @ 2hrs each lesson)..........$Call for Price.

Concurrent Online Classroom and Driving Course -$485 
  • Take classroom instruction online at your pace through our nationwide online partner - Aceable
  • Drive the required 7 hours through A OK.  
  • To enroll in the concurrent online course, call Kelly in our office at 677-0850 for more details regarding this new convenient option.

In-Car Only
  • In Car Instruction (7 hours driving and 7 hours observation behind-the-wheel instruction)...........$350   

Adult Courses   < Offered 1 Saturday Per Month!>
  • Classroom only 6 Hours DPS Test Prep..........$140
  • In-Car, 7 Driving Sessions, 1 hour each..........$350
  • Adult 6 Hour DPS Test Prep Class + 7 Driving Sessions, 1 hour each..........$420
  • In-Car, Hourly (2 hour minimum)..........$Call for Price.
  • Full Driver's Ed Course **OPTIONAL**(16 Classroom Lessons, 7hrs driving observation and 7 hrs behind-the-wheel instruction)..........$420

First Day of Class Bring:
  • Payment for class.  The fees can be paid half down with any balance due by the 15th day of class.  No student will receive their DE-964 for permit and will not be able to schedule drive times until payment is received in full. 
  • Black Pen and Notebook for notes (preferred).

Course Completion:
  • Students have 240 days (8 months) to complete the course, including all classroom work and drive times.  If you have not completed your coursework in 240 days, you have up to 30 days from expiration of your contract to reinstate your contract for an additional $100 fee.  You may reinstate your contract only once. 

Additional Fees:
  • $45 for missing or cancelling your scheduled drive time without notifying A OK Driving School 24 hours in advance.
  • $25 for issuance of duplicate certificate.

Our classroom objectives include:

  • Learning the psychology of driving
  • Understanding the importance of good vision in driving
  • Recognizing the role of physical fitness and safety
  • Knowing the influence of alcohol and drugs on a driver
  • Learning the traffic laws made by nature
  • Knowing man's traffics laws
  • Understanding stopping and driving guidelines
  • Understanding the differences between rural and city driving
  • Understanding characteristics of freeway driving
  • Understanding adverse or special driving conditions
  • Understanding the automobile engine
  • Understanding proper vehicle maintenance
  • Recognizing traffic and engineering needs
  • Learning how to maneuver the vehicle
  • And much more


Behind-the-wheel objectives include:

  • Preparing to move the vehicles (off-street)
  • Practice acceleration
  • Proper braking and stopping techniques
  • Moving the vehicle forward (off-street)
  • Using speed control and tracking on backwards paths (off-street)
  • Driving forward on an established path (off-street)
  • Maneuvering both right and left turns
  • Proper lane changing techniques
  • Proper vehicles passing techniques
  • Backing maneuvers (on and off the road)
  • Practice turning around
  • Learning other roadway and traffic environments such as city driving, freeway driving, hill-type, country-type and planned routes
  • Doing advanced driving maneuvers (accident-avoidance)
  • And much more