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Office Hours

Beginning Jan 2023

Jan-May Hours
10:00AM — 6:30 PM

June - July Hours
9:00AM — 6 PM

Driving will continue as scheduled.

Instructors will return every hour for a break.

If you arrive early and the school is locked, just wait until an instructor returns.
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When can I schedule a drive time?
As soon as the student receives their permit, they can begin scheduling their driving lessons.

How do I schedule a drive time?
A OK Driving School partners with www.schedule2drive.com to allow students the ability to schedule their driving lessons with us online through Schedule2drive. Lessons can also be scheduled through our office staff in the event that Schedule2drive is unavailable or if available drive times on Schedule2drive are consistently booked and unavailable.

Can I schedule them all at once?
In order for the student to benefit from their lessons, we encourage them to schedule 1 lesson per week. Some students want to rush through the process but this isn't the best solution. Learning to drive is similar to learning to play the piano. When taking piano lessons, you must take a lesson, practice for a week, then return for another lesson. It is the same with learning how to drive.

How many lessons do I need and how long are they?
The TDLR requires students complete 7 driving lessons, which are 2 hours each. The student will drive for 1 hour and observe another student driver for 1 hour.

I need to cancel/change a drive time. What should I do?
When you schedule a driving lesson, you are reserving a car and an Instructor. If you need to cancel or change a lesson you must call 24 hours in advance during business hours. No email or voice mails are accepted.

If your drive time is scheduled for Tuesday through Saturday, you must call 24 hours in advance of your drive to cancel or change your drive time. If your drive time is scheduled for Sunday, Monday or a holiday, you must contact the previous business day by 1:00 p.m. Example: Sunday drive time must be cancelled by 1:00 p.m. Friday.

Students who fail to cancel their drives will assume a missed lesson fee of $45.00. Sports, work or illness is not an excuse for a missed lesson.

Our goal is not to charge our students, but there are several reasons why this policy exists:
  • Every student receives 7 driving lessons. Missing one means they have used a lesson but still need to be driven.
  • You have reserved a car and an instructor for a specific time. When a student fails to arrive for a lesson, it is similar to missing your flight on a plane. The plane must go on without you.
  • There are 2 students assigned to every drive time. When one doesn't arrive for their appointment, the other student is greatly inconvenienced. The student who has shown up for their lesson can complete their drive but cannot observe, meaning they must return another day to complete their observation.

  • How can I build my teen's driving skills?
    Our goal at A OK Driving School is to teach your student how to become a collision free driver. We will train them in a system that will give them this opportunity if used consistently and correctly. The things we cannot give the students are enough repetition and experience. The driving school and the parent are a team, both working together for a common objective: To make your student as safe a driver as possible.

    Please review the following information carefully and you will be better prepared to assist your student in their driving progression:

    Eyes: The eyes control everything the vehicle does! The eyes control the speed, position, and direction of the vehicle. The key is the eyes must be looking in the right place at all times!
  • Your student must look 15-20 seconds up the road where they want the vehicle to go. Most all vehicle control mistakes are a result of where the eyes are looking (too close to the car, watching the curb, sightseeing).

  • Keeping vehicle in center of lane and turning: The turns are either too wide, too tight (hit corners) or too fast or too slow.
  • The primary reason for these mistakes are students eyes are looking down. Low Aim Steering. They are looking at curbs, center lines etc. Tell your student to Look into the turn at least 15-20 seconds up the road. The vehicle will go where the eyes look. You look at the person you are throwing the ball to, same thing with maneuvering the vehicle. Look where you want the vehicle to go!

  • If we can train your student to do 3 things there is a good chance they will not crash the car.
    1. Check every intersection Left - Right - Left - Center - Make sure your student turns their head 90 degrees in the system above before they ever pull into traffic at any intersection. Watch them and insist they do it every time.
    2. Mirror Check- Have student check rear view mirror before they press the brake to slow down or stop.
    3. Front Space- Keep good following distance at all times. Have student stop 1 car length behind the vehicles in front of them (so you can see the bottom of the car's tires), and keep 3-4 seconds following distance at all times, 4 seconds in bad weather! By doing this you will prevent rear end crashes.

  • Your student is going to look straight ahead and low most of the time. Your challenge will be to get them to move their eyes, check mirrors and aim high at all times. Remember: Make sure they do everything right however slow they might go. They will move quicker and faster with practice and experience. Make sure they do it right every time!
  • Keep student in neighborhood or little traffic so you can work with them in a non-threatening environment. Do not push them too fast.
  • Working with your student everyday 30 minutes or so is much more productive then 2 or 3 hours one time per week. Reminder: Practice! Practice! Practice!
  • This is an invaluable tool our instructors use for all students, especially when they're beginners or if they're having difficulty multitasking.
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